Sunday, October 25, 2015




Sense, an essential and a limit.
Aware to sanity, Awake to philosophy.
Who can describe colors to blind?
No voice can tell sense in lines, as it is illusion of mind.
Only few knows truth of lies.
We the blind and we the visions; It is world and prisons.
It dare me: to believe, but it tells me to find.
Abyss: where still knowledge shine.
The eternal knowledge in holiest shrine.
The sacred of all, seen by mankind.
Do you wonder where will you find?
Sense, an essential and a limit.
I admire but admit:
Where the river of light flows,
There the sacred knowledge glows.
I know you have seen those,
Who found the shrine guarded by foes.
You know what they have found.
They built temple: with no sound.


What told; tell about teller, describe the dweller.
Diverse are those who dwell, and folk they tell.
Yet they all are the same; to one who knows all name.
The time and man had changed, but lies in truth never amend.
I spoke to God and knowledge are mine.
Names are mine and words are mine.
We spoke to God and knowledge is ours.
Names are riot as words have powers.
The talk we do, are clouded by pride.
We know everything: as we can fight.
Ego built to who we are, forgetting reason we are.
Knowledge are covered in words,
Something known, something heard.
Sometimes we believe we have silk, ignorance, ship may sink.
Those knowledge describe the light, for which we are blind.
As those are words tells not what it says,
Meaning unknown, it hides in you prays.


If order is desire, let chaos be known.
From the day of fire, darkness had grown.
Those who believe to know, is unknown.
Those who seek to know shall be known.
Don’t be lost in illusion of understood.
If you have the passion than you could,
Understand the understanding, and pursue the true meaning.
One must realize and serve truth of life, let the idea flow across the tribe.
Thinking will go beyond time, knowledge is enough to kill crime.
Let debate not be threat, sometime truth may upset.
But truth will set us free, only you are your own enemy.
World gives you what you deserve, to gain the fruit you must serve.
For knowledge you must read, the mighty tree: grows from small seed.
Pride to fool, let idea rule.
The true salvation lies ahead, be aware of step you take.
Everyone been here, though they gain: but they break.
Greed is doom of man, remember the time when dawn began.
Sacrifice everything that you greed, gain true knowledge, be freed.



Holy Spirit that govern worlds, thy law is heard.
With no face and with no words, thy free like bird.
Where the reason breaks, thy words will not shake.
Ghost and story one make, meaning lost in fake.
To point where nothing define, knowledge have many shrine.
Praise the one you find, be aware reasons bend by time.
Be blind and define vision, the stories of creation.
There the literature, There the reason.
Search with reason, Search with religion.
Fate is same, salvation is not in name.
These cosmos have many stories, some told some still mysteries.
How you see is what you will find, read the book in your mind.
Knowledge from reason, reason from imagination, Imagination from observation.
God is in definition, sharpen your vision, you may find salvation.
God is law, everywhere, matter, everywhere, energy, everywhere.


Void: what is existence?
Dream or Awake, relative is reality.
There the void supreme, unity of duality.
The creator and destroyer: spread from thy singularity.
Void: the true lord unknown.
When no day and night was known, God and Devil thy own.
And there was light, so was there darkness.
Both are relative: and both are void.
Creator created the unity; destroyer destroyed the unity.
Creator created the particle, the destroyer destroyed the particle.
Creator bind those with laws, destroyer release them from the laws.
The void watches across, worlds uncountable.
Where Mountain and valley, dwells uncoupled.
The illusion is to be define.
Senses are the limit.
So is the words to describe,
So is nature of man, bribed.
Everything undefined, entangled with the void
Sometimes the law could not define.
As there are worlds unknown to mankind.


I am observer, I am appreciator.
I am consciousness, I am void:
There was a man, without form, without the name.
One highest conscious, one angel and demon.
Thy every thought, every nature, every word.
The soul that existed in order, existed in chaos.
The one unborn, true reflection of dream.
Shaped by creator, spread by destroyer.
In every particle: it is soul of world.
The bridge to stars, and to sacred words.
The soul that live in every mountain,
Every valley and every sea.
Make world what it is.
And the soul that live in every plant,
Every animal and every human being.
That give them desire and will.
Entangled is everything, in the soul of the world.
Sense are the limit, miracles and mysteries.



How many God are there? Uncountable
How many God are there? Thirty three.
How many God are there? Six.
How many God are there? One.
Like a seed in a fruit, a fruit in a tree,
And tree on an earth.
We all from one, we all are one.
The one is the God, not a human: not a face.
Not understood by world.
Six were the forces that existed,
The knowledge and creator,
The prosperity and preserver,
The power and destroyer.
Thy not a body or face anyone would know.
You not a body, let the serpent free and flow.
There the God the universe, that hold quantum.
There the God the quantum, that hold universe.
In the tree, in the wild, perhaps in your soul, you’ll find.
Remember the dawn: and the creation.
Made in image of God, exiled to body, in this world.
Evolved to faces and lust, forgotten are what’s heard.


Like a bubbles in sea, universe is perceived.
Worlds so many, one have dreamed.
There we live, in plane of sphere,
Like an earth it’s believed, dimensions unclear.
Some intersect, some are parallel.
Human eyes, human sense, limited are all mans.
Wheel of the time, is in its rhyme.
Nothing stops, nothing rest.
We on the same space, but different time.
We on the different space, but same time.
Filled by curiosity, we all are just a sailor.
Sailing in starry sea, relative is our measure.
There in you is atom, there in atom is universe.
There in universe is God, there in God is universe.
Paradox is nature, nothing but an illusion.
Nothing is in being, mysteries are unknown relation.
I doubt if this anyone’s own the creation.


Dream, the imagination, mystery of creation.
Dream, what is real? No one know it clear.
Cosmos are the dream, everybody, one thing.
And we are the dream, of ultimate conscious being:
Our soul hold supreme, know your feeling.
We are just a dream, nothing is the meaning.
What is this life dreamer? Circle of dying.
Let soul to the supreme.
But there is duality: serve your quality.
There is no meaning, heaven and hell in thinking.
Saved or slaved to being, your life, your feeling.
Fate is the end, no one have escaped.
For those who served, for those who merged,
There fruit will be great.
Those who are guilty, crime, greedy soul filthy,
They will be forever be bound.
In circle of life and death:
Never let knowledge be forget.



Life have changed, birth is luck.
Everyone have failed, it is dusk.
Failure is among us, I is above all.
Ethics have frost: Life is now boxed.
Who are you? I am nation.
Who are you? I am religion.
Who are you? I am frustration.
Never was time: when no kingdom shine.
And we are human, wisest of all kind.
Cosmos are beyond, this is smallest of world.
Let the ruler know they are not different,
Let the rich know they are not different.
Let everyone be one, let everyone be capable.
When we will unite, heaven, we will find.
Billions as a nation, Billions as a religion.
Imagine the potential, let us forge that creation.
One from many, one ultimate glory.


None are superior, none are inferior.
Worker, the backbone.
Who build and who will grow.
The producer, the server, who make river flow.
Respect worker for their duty.
Let desires be filled for those who serve truly.
Merchants, the trader.
Who co-ordinate and bring order.
Makes equality and peace, knows economics.
Respect Merchant for their loyalty.
Let them flourish if they are not greedy.
Judge, the order.
They who knows wrong and right.
They who create laws, far and bright.
Respect Judge for their decisions.
Let Judge shape the world with reasons.
Scholar, the enlightened.
They who will amend, teacher of teachers.
Never stopping, let knowledge heighten.
Respect Scholar for the ideology,
Let Scholar enlighten every heart with glory.
Every born have right to grow, let them be equated.
Birth don’t make Great, Great are those who are devoted.


Every born is same, equal are every name.
What goes around, comes back around.
Let what they do decide, then where they born.
Calibration of mind, new world new design.
Imagine the time, where there is no poor and rich,
Where there is no division: there we rise, with each.
Still there will be those who cheat,
Let knowledge kill the guilt.
Salvation is through the knowledge.
There is nothing in this maze.
Nothing you will take, nothing you will give.
Nothing but truth remains.
And if everyone understand, there golden era begins.
And there will be warm light: to end and beyond.
We were from one womb, born for ultimate truth.
Let diverse be together for eternal, breaking the circle.
Give those who can’t tools to cultivate,
Give those who can’t skill to elevate,
Everyone is essential, know everyone is special.



One who bring order, he is the trader.
He takes the duties, and distribute equally.
Every hunger is filled, equal will be opportunity.
The elder of worker, who knows the duty,
Importance of existence, Knows the equality.
He who knows the math, knows the Karma.
And put his faith over dharma.
Know: money is evil,
It is the filth: inequality in people.
Trade create the society, the true beauty,
One that let us grow, every trader must know.
If every desire is filled, no crime will be commit.
And we will build, a place where everyone is healed.
No rich no poor, there will be only dreamer.
And no boundaries will limit, to anyone’s vision.
Let everyone live, be happy on what they did.
As we need everyone, everyone is equal indeed.


Those who know truth, know law and diplomatic:
Those can run society, with their vision and tactic.
The Judge, who knows harm, can sail through storm.
Who have the vision, and could give reason.
Be equal to every emotion.
They are scholar and old with honor.
No greed: as they know what they build.
Knowledge to see, understanding to believe.
The council from young to old:
Let debate be and decision by vote.
Made by those who don’t greed gold,
They are alchemist, who build the precious.
They are the visionary, who are never jealous.
The court with supreme seven, justice circling heaven,
Four of supreme scholar, three respected Elder.
Trader knows the trade, science knows the tech,
Dharma knows the duty, elder knows the beauty.
Every knows the politics, knows the diplomatic,
Have knowledge far capable.
With power to make dream real.


Those who shape the world, are the teacher.
Precious their word, creator and researcher.
The scholar of science, wizard of light.
Greatest of mind: the reason king.
Shaping the new world, they are curious being.
The scholar of dharma, who knows society.
Knows every philosophy and sacred history:
Saints and salvation seeker,
Peace and prosperity maker.
The scholar of trade, creator of merchant.
He who knows equality, numbers and quantity.
The developer and manager, production handler.
The scholar of arts, who knows history,
He who can build mysteries, with beauty.
Culture is there duty of reader of words.
They are the architect of world.
They will set us free, from every boundaries.
They are the teacher, the answer seeker.
They shape the world, and its people.



Let every worker be the army.
And everyone know right and wrong.
Let everyone be the authority,
And there will be no crime.
Army the protector,
The energy goblin, fitness worker.
Let them work in the society, Let them shape the world.
And everyone will be army.
So there is no lower, no upper.
The one with the strength,
Let army be labor, who will build the world,
Let scholar be general, with strategies unheard.
Free there study, free there liberty.
Every common be uncommon, build ultimate nation.
Where everyone knows and serve the law.
Let them unite and together, from child to elder.
Let every common be uncommon, strength of nation.
Let army be scholar, let army be trader,
Let army be the General but not be centered.
Everyone conscious, when the time come,
Then they will be savior.


Everyone begin as army,
Let them filled with strength and glory.
But let scholar touch concurrently.
And there will rise equality.
A child must know the moral,
The wrong and right.
A child must know literature,
To read and write.
A young must know the moral,
The wrong and right.
A young must know the basics,
Those ideas bright.
Let young adult decide, way they choose.
The scholar bright or army’s pride.
There the army is the worker,
They will be given every skill,
They will be given strength and will.
Then one can choose among, the athlete and noble.
Noble from engineer to doctor, athlete from infantry to player.
Let no gender be unequal, let no caste be unequal,
Let no race be unequal, we born naked, let us be equal.
None be fool and illiterate, none be blind and misguided.
Know knowledge is great, education is just a way.
Respect everyone for skill, let everyone gain what they will.


A stable society is, where everyone have their need.
For every need to be filled, arms should be in every field.
Merchant decide the architecture, the numbers in field,
Maintain equality and stability, let highest production yield.
If there they can’t be desire, then still let them hope,
Give them way for hopes to acquire, let them be free and broad.
The nation is one: The industries are one,
Let the production flourish as united,
And then trade for other branded.
Happiness be everywhere, let dreams be fulfilled.
Merchant, the runner of society, they build the national hierarchy.
Not division of inequality, but for trade and productivity.
The state and states, the region and regions, the nation and nations.
They will bring order and trade.
Let work be counted over duty, strength comes from unity.
And no rich will be rich, no poor be poor,
Let productive be filled and no waste even unskilled.

Winter Night

My feet are cold,
My soul is sold,
Walking over ice,
Don't know what's wise,
Sorrow is insane,
Broken window; bleed pain.

The guilt we choose,
Haunt till we froze.
Let the singing bird know,
Warm days are not close.
Its winter night dear,
Dark ice and snows.

Now senses don't feel pain,
To break out from hollow.
My soul have sailed away,
To somewhere from the gallows.
Birth is my sin;
And no good are my hand.
Let happiness know I lived;
If it shows up in the end.

Under those Shades

No one will care we also walked,
No one will dare to just stop:
And sits under the shade,
I remember time when we laid,
Over these green grasses,
Under those shade,
Where we could just make love,
When there use to be passion,
Under shades: Free as dove.

Let time wait: and river flow,
Let lights out, and fireflies glow.
Lets buildings chopped and nature grow.
Let ties loose, and cold winds blow.

Love live just like a child you were.
When there were trees;
And there were shades.
Then concrete castles:
and responsibility suitcase.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

New King

World I Left behind:
Dreams I chase today.
Feeling we are divide,
Following what they say.

Come with me:
Where there is no king,
Fight with me to cross the end,
Where is no border,
there is no slaughter,
Just with me you stand.

Freedom we lost,
Democracy is just:
 a word to say,
Come with me:
Where there is no king,
Fight with me to cross the end.

You know its wrong,
You know we are gone,
Papers rules,
Laws above truth,
We are just tolerance.

And when we break,
No king is safe,
As Fire will rule.

"Throne to Rich, Coffin to poor."

Thursday, December 19, 2013

As it Goes: Democracy

Heat is rising with rage,
Freedom struggles in cage,
I ask whats the freedom for?
Its said it is for the breath:
For being alive more.

I see blood flow:
Chaos burning floor:
The castle's shaken heart:
Rebel cheer over broken cage.

Then I saw banished king:
But there changes nothing:
No chains are freed,
Chain of money:
Chain in democracy.
Is it the place it end?

Its not the dawn.
I see dusk burning.
Its not the rising.
Its sun falling.
Falling deep:
In rise of another king.
In rise of leaders without lead.

I supported liberty:
But it's meaning had changed.
I supported humanity:
But now bullet hits my chest.
The bullet of truth,
That there ain't no love.
No hopes dream and heart.

We fought for nothing:
Just struggle to live:
as of us many:
So few rise and shine.
We were fools to dream.
To believe hypocrites' line.

Revolt for truth.
Revolt for brother.
For dead freedom.
For murdered liberty.
For democracy.
Revolt so no poor dies.
Revolt so no eyes cries.
Revolt to be alive.
Revolt so we could fly.
Let chains be untie.
Let no hypocrite lie.


Is this the sky?
Are we really up high,
Well its democratic mimes,
And I can't fill all my rhyme,
Since freedom I don't find,
In contradicting, watching or blind,
Ideas born to fuel the right,
Visions should be basking in light,
Bullets and Blood shall flow,
So the dawn let the sun glow,
And if cloud cover the sky's halo,
Let the firework fill the shallow.

Return of void

Always lived within my head,
Never known alive or dead,
It has made me the way I am,
No heart no soul No shame,
Anger, hate is my name,
Nothing to gain,
Nothing but pain,
Since misery is my only friend,
And I enjoy to these end,
Its return to sky burned:
Return to hate gave,
Return of rage I have.
Its the fall of bloodline,
Now sand break the time,
Now slave becomes master,
As all hearts beat faster,
Survive the noise in return,
Survive the hate in return,
Survive the rage in return,
Return to heart beats you end,
Return to pain you gave:
Return to monster you made;
Its return of void left dead.

To day's man

A day a year,
My lips moves.
To say the dear,
But nothin improve,
It taste worst:
To taste air.
I'm all frost:
Under life's fear.
Since I'm coded hate,
Since she is gone.
And its too late.
Its not the dawn,
No sun's warm heat.
Is to my luck,
Only company:
Is my heart beat,
Beat thats fucked up,
Keeping life busy:
So I can't hear sound:
So I can't remember misery.
Till days burry me to ground.

Missing color

Edges lined black,
And Innocence over canvas,
Aroma dance make,
Like magic over dream vas,
That rose the blooms high,
In rough tired eyes,
Her image feed questions inside,
I observed through:
Still answers I couldn't find.

Whats so special to that Image?
Why it make me feel alive.
Like the clearing of haze.
Like I exist in these cell hive.
Answers I seek in every try,
I tried with every logic of my,

Then I saw that wrinkle made,
The gesture her face pray,
It was missing from what I had,
The thing time had taken away.

Then image complete itself,
I found word the face say,
I look that lips again,
The thing I had forgot to these day.
And I smile:
As I walk away.

The frog and the dove

The ugly little frog was bouncing toward his pond, when he saw a dove. She was in her own world with her peace: frog got curious to her and got closer. She dove was dancing scattering rays of light. Frog asked her what she was dancing for? She replies for love and happiness. Frog was surprise to word love and pardons as to his existence he has only known greed and selfishness then love. So he contradict the dove to the existence of love. They started meeting again and again to incomplete contradictions. Then as time passed they stopped contradicting since frog always win the contradiction. He never needed anything then his logic to defeat the dove. Dove was small so she couldn't fly: hence they use to talk about flying all day long. They planned to fly across the world and frog was deep in his thinking breaking himself off his stupid logics. He will to feel air then just the pond water he want to feel like dove feel the love. And he felt it: frog was in love with the dove. But there world were separate. Still frog loved the dove truly from his heart and his soul. Frog once told dove about feelings he have and dove told him logics. Frog was then really disappointed and he stop meeting dove. But he always watched her through smudged pond water. Days had gone and it was tine for dove to have her first flight. Frog was in the dark side of the pond, watching her. Dove fell to pond and the frog caught her fainted. And left her on the bank of the pond saying nothing. she knew there was frog on the dark side of pond watching her: caring about her when she found herself safe.Then she attempted again this time she didn't fainted and she flew off the forest. Of frog, he return to his pond and never left the water again to smell the air that reminded him of her. He never knew weather the dove returned for him, but he always waited in memories of him flying across the world: the only happy memories he had; so true but never happened.